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At Famous Publicity we always deliver the best service possible. The agency works best with clients who provide timely feedback. We create campaigns to a very high standard and don’t charge mark-up on bought-in creative services. Clients find this refreshing and it is just one of the ways the agency cements good relationships.

Agency fees reflect client requirements and resources. We work out what is best for an individual or business. Overseas clients are not charged VAT in accordance with UK regulations.

In terms of the process of engaging with new clients, we usually start with an initial phone, Skype or Zoom call, which is essentially a 'discovery session' that is free of charge.

If the client and agency agree that there is potential to do business together, an outline credentials proposal is prepared including costings for activity. Once the client approves this, the client signs a working agreement with the agency.

When the fees have been agreed - they typically start at £5k per month for classical 'full service' clients - we invoice on the first day of the month and ask for payment within 14 days. We charge less for project work, not-for-profit organisations and local businesses.

If needed, a more detailed plan of work is prepared and the agency team rolls up their sleeves and get working for the client.

We always pay our suppliers and business partners promptly and ask that clients do the same.

If you would like to know more about what we do, please feel free to get in touch