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By Tina Fotherby

I'm thrilled and delighted to be speaking at the Pillar Unconference that takes place from Sunday July 15 2018.

I love travel so I'm excited to be spending time with many other blockchain enthusiasts, futurists and enthusiasts in Vilnius, Lithuania. The funny thing is that because it's an unconference I don't know when I will be speaking.

In fact, I was mildly horrified to learn that my talk will need votes in order to be heard. How this reminds me of school days and waiting to be picked for a hockey team. Well, the advantage of giving a talk is that I will be in good company and I'm sure I can rely on interaction from the audience, so long as it doesn't involve heckling.

I'm in Vilnius with two colleagues and look forward to meeting friends there including Andre Rafnsson who is our client, one of the co-founders of Jinbi.

Please come and say hello if you are at the conference !

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