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A single payment of any amount, a monthly or annual recurring commitment, or a digital and paper subscription? The variety of methods to financially support The Guardian are numerous and completely optional to a reader - not to mention largely successful.

Guardian News and Media editor-in-chief Katharine Viner has indicated that current earnings from subscriptions and contributions would be equal to that from paywall. This is in light of the fact that the current donation method allows the Guardian Online to be free and available to anyone.

With greater exposure as a free-to-access newspaper, Viner has said a hard paywall “isn’t really a conversation” at the news group anymore.

Viner said feedback from readers showed that people are choosing to give money for the Guardian’s “serious stuff”, such as reporting on environment, health, science and US President Donald Trump.

“That’s really great because that’s why we exist,” she said. “We exist to understand and contextualise the world and that’s what they tell us they appreciate.”

Given that all of the Guardian’s paper content is also on their website and their app, it might call into question how long the print edition could last.

Viner did not reject outright the notion that the group’s print products might eventually close, telling Press Gazette interviewer and Guardian colleague Jane Martinson: “I can’t say when that would be.”

“Our print readers are incredibly devoted and it’s a really important part of their lives, but obviously particularly the issue around distribution becomes more difficult each year… [we are] certainly committed to it for now.”

The key drive for “donations” or contributions to the Guardian seem to stem from a demand for quality journalism and reporting on prime issues such as the environment, health and science. Known for breaking stories on the likes of Cambridge Analytica and the Windrush scandals in the past year, it seems there is no shortage in the paper of major headlines.

Picture credit: Amador Loureiro on Unsplash
Author: Edward Beaver on February 6 2019

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