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Tina Fotherby, founder of Famous Publicity, explains why 'MicroBizMatters'

Micro businesses matter a great deal to society. In addition to the huge contribution to the overall economy, they are one of the areas of business that strive to deliver excellent customer service.

Why? Because if you are a Micro Business owner, you live or die by your customer service.

Whether you run a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or have a B2B enterprise, you will know that it is difficult to compete with chains or larger firms who may benefit from economies of scale and perhaps a well-established brand name.

You might well have started the business from scratch and are actively involved day to day. If you are the founder, you might find yourself with the role of Financial Director, Marketing Director, Head of Sales and tea maker, all in the same day.

This is not altogether a bad thing. It means that you understand your customer’s journey and will go out of your way to assist and help others wanting your products and services.

As your business grows you can take on new staff, who will learn very quickly and have a great deal more responsibility than they would in a larger corporate entity. They might well have far better working conditions and a shorter working week with less stress than their counterparts in big business.

Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden must be congratulated for giving recognition to micro businesses because small is beautiful in its own right. Micro Businesses can help make the world a better place by supporting new talent, being collaborative with suppliers and taking the simple action of paying promptly.

They’ve recognised that a true micro business supports other similar businesses, growing the economy and the social wellbeing of their fellow citizens.

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