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Claire Milner, based near York, “paints” with thousands of Swarovski crystals to create masterpieces of inspiring people from all walks of life including Queen Elizabeth II, and Marilyn Monroe.
With a background in illustration, graphic design and extensive practice in mosaic, Claire’s technique of creating this intricate work has attracted worldwide attention.

Claire has built a large portfolio that includes one of her most significant works, a five foot square portrait of Marilyn Monroe, commissioned by the American singer Rihanna.

Not only can you view striking images to buy at her website, you can also commission Claire to create a crystal artwork.

Claire Milner said, “Ideas of beauty in popular culture, and contrasting concepts of the superficial and the profound are recurring themes in my work.

"The process is technical and combines ancient mosaic methods with traditional painting techniques whilst drawing inspiration from art history.

"Each image contains thousands of hand-applied crystals, which refract in a rainbow spectrum, and constantly change mood depending on the lighting conditions.

"This enables the viewer to have a new experience each time they look at the work.”


About Claire Milner

Claire Milner has a background as a graphic designer and illustrator and her commissions in this capacity include portraits of many politicians and company CEO’s. Claire’s paintings are held in collections around the world; her recent crystal artworks have received comprehensive acclaim and are widely publicized. Travelling extensively in Australia, Africa and South America has had a large impact on her portraits and also inspired the animal paintings.

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